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Kids don’t grow up fast, they grow up suddenly

If there’s a statement every parent on the planet has heard, it’s probably: kids grow up so fast, enjoy the moments, ‘cos it’s over before you know it.
The problem is, it’s never felt fast for me. In fact, it’s been excruciatingly slow most of the time.
That, of course, comes down to the challenges we’ve faced with Lexy and getting him on the right track at school and in life.
Phuket was a massive move for all of us, but none more than Lex. I’ve talked about some of the challenges before, as well as the fact we’re now entering a smooth period, where both boys seem delighted in their new home.
I can definitively say, it is the greatest relief of my life knowing this was the right move, not just for Lex, but for all of us.
Anyhoo, I just came back from three weeks of business travel, with a short four day visit home in between. It was intense being away that much, but the boys need their dad now, and man, they could not have a better dad. Steve is awesome with the boys. A true role model …

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